Be in the Know

Be in the Know …. What is everyone talking about?

PrEP buttonPrEP:

Stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. Simply, it is taking one pill each day to prevent HIV from taking hold in your body if you are exposed to the virus. This is a tested medicine (it is not new) and rarely has side effects after the first two weeks.

PEP buttonPEP:

Stands for Post-Exposure Prophylaxis. This is taking several pills for a longer time (about 1 month) to stop HIV from taking hold in your body AFTER you’ve been exposed to the virus. This treatment can be hard on your body and may be more difficult and more expensive to get than PrEP. Here is more information about getting PEP and getting assistance in paying for it. Pricing Info

Undetectable buttonUndetectable:

This means someone has HIV, but they can’t pass the virus to others. They are taking their medicines regularly and go to the doctor often to have their virus measured. Someone needs to be undetectable for at least two doctor’s visits before they are sure they will not pass the virus to others.

serosorting buttonSero-Sorting:

This is a way of choosing your partners based on their HIV status.

For example, if you are HIV positive, you may decide to only have sex with partners who are also positive. Or if you are HIV negative, you may decide to only have sex with partners who are also negative. This can be tricky, as many people with HIV do not know they have the virus. Also, if you are HIV positive, you may have sex with someone whose virus no longer responds to some medicines. This could mean you catch that virus and your body may not respond to that medicine either. It is important not to limit your treatment options.

topbottom buttonBottom/Top/Vers:

This may be the way men prefer to have sex, or it could be a way of preventing HIV transmission.

Bottoming is receiving sex inside your body. This can mean a higher cha. nce of catching HIV, because you are exposed to more sexual fluid (cum) when you receive or bottom. Rectal or butt tissue is also very weak and can break and allow HIV into your body.

Topping is sex where you are giving or putting your penis inside of your partner. It is less likely to pass HIV to your penis, because the skin is tougher than the skin inside your butt. However, having an STI can make your penis less strong and can create an opening for HIV. Some STIs cause sores on your penis that can allow HIV an easy way to get into your body. Many people don’t realize they have an STI.


This is sex where you may top or bottom.